Jervis McEntee Diaries: May 8, 1884

Thursday, May 8, 1884 Still raining. I went up to Warren and Fullers and selected the papers for the house. Was to have met Fuller there but he did not come. A note from Emma Brace asking me to come up there on Friday but I had to decline as I am going home tomorrow. Fuller came on just after I got back to my room and I arranged with him to send the men up to Rondout on Monday. There was a meeting of the Artists Mutual Aid Society at 4 in Woods room. Four new members were elected. Thos. Moran, J. F. Murphy, J. W. Champney and Henry Farrer. After the meeting Hubbard and I went to attend Shumways funeral. The church was full, many of the 7th Regiment being present. The minister dwelt upon his military life but said not one word of his career as an artist. Spent the evening at Marys and finished Turgaineefs [sic] Story Spring Floods a very powerful and interesting story. Sent notices to the newly elected members of the Artists Mutual Aid Society.

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