Jervis McEntee Diaries: May 6, 1884

Tuesday, May 6, 1884 Awoke with a headache and feeling wretchedly the result of my late supper. It was with difficulty I went over to breakfast and then could eat but little. I have to go to a dinner at Mr. George Deforest Lords this evening. It has rained hard all day. Sat in my chair in front of a fire and gradually grew better. Wrote to Alice and to Lucy who are now about all my correspondents where I used to have so many. Went to the dinner at Mr. Lords which was a very charming one. Mrs Lord sat at the head of the table. Mr. Gordon on her right I next him then Mr. Day, Dr. Lambert, Mr. Watron Mr Lord at the end, Wm. Brown agent of the Cunnard line, Mr Edward Lord, Mr. Parsons, Mr Beman & Mr Grey. It was a very elaborate and elegant dinner and Mrs. Lord was very charming and chatty. Did not leave until nearly 11. Mr. Gordon invited me to dine with him at the Victoria on Wednesday 11th. Gave him my photograph.

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