Jervis McEntee Diaries

Friday, May 2, 1884 Painted on the little Seconnet picture and completed it. I call it By the sea and shall send that and my "Midsummer" to the Century for the monthly meeting on Saturday. Mr. Frothingham called. His speech is considerably affected I noticed. He was very talkative. Hubbard was here and I introduced him. He was charmed with him. Julia Dillon called towards evening. Went to the club and met Pumpelly whom I have not seen since I left him in St. Paul. He told me of his trip last year through the Marias Pass from the west. Said if we had succeeded in crossing the divide two years ago we probably would have perished wandering in the wilderness or in attempting to cross the swollen rivers. He was to start that night for a long journey.

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