Jervis McEntee Diaries: April 27, 1884

Sunday, Apr 27, 1884 Charming day. I went over to the Cemetery and removed the cover from dear Gertrudes headstone which I protect every winter. To think of her and Maurice and my mother sleeping there side by side! what a world of regretful thoughts these silent mounds brought to me. I staid but a short time as the horses were harnessed when I left and we were to take a ride. My father, Sara, Julia Vaux and I drove out on the Flat bush road where we gathered hepaticas and Sanguinaria. Went around by Charles Livingstons and home by Steep Rocks and the river road stopping at Steep Rocks to buy a fine fresh shad. It was a lovely ride and the spirit of the springing life of all nature was in the air. In the afternoon I wrote as best I could, for Mrs. Taylor a recollection of Taylors Sunday evenings. I am afraid it will be disappointing to her but my memory is so poor that details are soon obscured in my mind.

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