Jervis McEntee Diaries: April 13, 1884

Sunday, Apr 13, 1884 Downing and I took a walk out back of the steep rocks and found a lot of Hepaticas. The day was bright but with a wind from the North. We had a talk and I find him feeling well and forgetting his troubles and interested in his work. He seems very happy. He left my cane and we went back a mile but did not find it. In the afternoon he went off with Grant Van Deusen in his canoe and was to take the evening train to Yonkers. I wrote to Alice and a note to Mrs. Nicholas Elmendorf whose daughter Julia died this week. She was her last child and from all I have heard a most dutiful and devoted daughter. She was 34 years old, I did not think her more than 24. I think of poor Mrs. Elmendorf with profound pity.

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