Jervis McEntee Diaries: March 21, 1884

Friday, Mar 21, 1884 My fathers 84th birth day. I wrote to Sara that I would not come home this week as I have to meet with the committee to arrange for the Gordon Reception on Saturday evening at the Century. Worked on my picture all day and improved it by some radical changes. My studies and sketches came back from the Century and Fitch handed me a check for $150 from Professor Youmans for two studies one the brook near Roggens from which I painted a picture for Mr. Bachelder $50 and a study at Marbletown made in 1882 for $100. So that I have got in all $500 from the exhibition of my studies at the Century when the object was really not to sell but only to show them. It in the evening attended private theatricals at Nellie Hutchinsons in which Marion, Bowyer, Lorry Stoddard and others played. It passed off successfully. Mrs Stoddard was there, Miss Reynolds, Emma and Lela Brace & others. Went to the club afterwards. Madame Anna Bishops funeral occurred today. The death of a great singer always affects me greatly.

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