Jervis McEntee Diaries

Thursday, Mar 13, 1884 Went down to South Ferry to the Governors Island by appointment with Capt Price. By an error I got there an hour ahead of time which I spent in looking at the new buildings, the Washington and the new Produce exchange. Went to the boat at the appointed time but the Capt. did not appear and I came back to my room. Have had a lonely feeling today and a longing for companionship. Went up to see Whittredge but he is always so absorbed in his own affairs that I was not disappointed in finding him too busy to have a moment for me. I dont seem to have any intimate companion now and this is a necessity to me. Whittredge makes a great mistake it seems to me in repelling his life long companions. Calvert and I went to the Grand Opera house to see Robson and Crane in "Our boarding house". It was not very amusing.

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