Jervis McEntee Diaries: March 10, 1884

Monday, Mar 10, 1884 Calvert and I came down by early train. At Kingston a man went to get on the train while it was moving out and fell, the car wheel knocking his hat off. He came very near going under the wheel and hurt his back. He got off at Highland and told me his back hurt him very much. Mr & Mrs. Osterhondt & Mr & Mrs van Slyke on the train. Fuller called with Mrs. Warren who has invited me to dine a week from next Wednesday. Have not painted much today. Am trying to think of a subject for a new picture but somehow feel unquiet and it is a difficult thing to get at work. I am beginning to feel a little jaded and wish I were not obliged to work just now. Another siege at the Newton Trial at the Century. We thought we were to end it tonight but after sitting until midnight we adjourned to next Friday. Vanderpool had evidently been dining.

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