Jervis McEntee Diaries: March 5, 1884

Wednesday, Mar 5, 1884 Awoke with a "thick head". Am convinced it is from breathing bad air at the Century. Sat in my chair in front of the fire all day and did not attempt to do any thing. A Mr. Reynolds called to see something about a Landseer out West somewhere, which it was alleged Church had once copied. After he went away, about 4 o'clock I drank a half bottle of champagne as my head ache began to increase, and as usual it entirely cured me in a very short time. It has snowed nearly all day. Called on the Stedmans in the evening. It was snowing but I walked up to 30th St. Met there a Mr. Boland an artist who was making some illustrations for a book of Stedmans poems. They did not strike me very favorably particularly as I took a soldier for a little girl in a short dress. A letter from Mary Gifford. She regretted that Sanford's wife had put his remaining sketches which Whittredge and I left out of the first sale, on sale at Ortgies' gallery. I went up to the gallery and took a look at them. They looked better than I feared but many of them had better never been exposed to the public. So she is caring for her husband's reputation.

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