Jervis McEntee Diaries: March 3, 1884

Monday, Mar 3, 1884 Bowyer and I came down by the 7.40 train. It was snowing and we have had snow squalls at intervals through the day. It has been very cold and my room was chilly for the first time this winter. Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Heath made me a visit. They had been to the Century to see the pictures. I called to see Whittredge. He spoke in high terms of my picture and thought it one of the best I had painted. Went with Marion and Calvert to see "Confusion" at the Old San Francisco Minstrel Theatre. It was amusing and well acted but all the situations were foreshadowed and not sufficiently surprising. There was a little piece before the play in which there were capital imitations of Irving and Ellen Terry. They greatly amused me. I went to the club to see the pictures after the play. The theatre was hot and close as they invariably are and the weather outside cold with a penetrating wind. Homer had a picture of Saving a woman by the live saving service, very original and spirited. Met Fuller there. My Yellow Woods looked well and held its own. He seemed pleased with it. Got to bed at 10 oclock. The weather intensely cold.

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