Jervis McEntee Diaries: February 19, 1884

Tuesday, Feb 19, 1884 Rainy and dismal again. Went to the dentists and called on Thompson at nearly 11 o'clock but he had not got to his studio. I hear he looks very badly. Fuller came with Mr & Mrs Gill. At 4 went to an Art Union meeting. We decided to discontinue the Journal for the present. The debt has not increased and we discussed means of paying it but came to no conclusion as it is not urgent. Bierstadt, Bristol and Shattuck were not present. In the evening the Newton trial proceeded at the Century. Hearn went through what seemed to me a brutal examination on the part of Vanderpoel who several of us thought was just a little "fon"[?]. He did not leave a favorable impression and I think Hearn bore himself well. The defense seems to me to be groping and are not familiar with the working of the club.

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