Jervis McEntee Diaries: February 11, 1884

Monday, Feb 11, 1884 It was snowing this morning when Calvert and I left by 7.40 train but grew foggy and thick as we approached the city where more snow had fallen than at home. Prepared some canvases after I reached here. Wood came in feeling as I do, very discouraged about the Art Union. We are both inclined to advise closing it up. We have gone too fast and in spite of my feeling to go slowly. Went up to Eastman Johnsons after dinner. Mrs. Johnson called out to me from her room to stay as she was going to have a "few friends" which was enough to scare me. Found Eastman in his studio with a shade over his eyes, just drawing his palette. He had been painting by gas light. Said he had only just heard of this party. Hadnt had his dinner yet (it was then after 8'oclock). I talked with him a little while and stole away after speaking with Miss Mullany, just as the guests were beginning to come. I dont dare go there any more for fear of running into something. It rained and was most disagreeable. I went to the Century and read Henry Ward Beechers address on Wendell Phillips. Beechers power is in saying what he believes regardless of criticism and thus the integrity of his utterances disarms criticism. I think him a very great man in many respects.

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