Jervis McEntee Diaries: January 26, 1884

Saturday, Jan 26, 1884 Still very cold but bright. Fuller came in and looked at all my studies. Asked me if I wanted to sell him my "Yellow Woods" upon which I am working. I said I did. Asked me if I would accept what he paid for the last picture "Clearing up" ($500.) I told him it was a thousand dollar picture but I would sell it to him now for $800. I think he would like to have it. Eastman met me at the 42nd St ferry and he and I went to Rondout on the 3.40 train arriving there at 7.15. Tom met us with the two horse sleigh and we were soon at home. Cold weather, 4 degrees above zero. After supper John, Nannie, Ettie and Miss Brown, Lilys sister-in-law came up and also Girard and Mary and we spent a pleasant evening in the big room where we have a stove. Did not get to bed until nearly 1 o'clock.

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