Jervis McEntee Diaries: January 25, 1884

Friday, Jan 25, 1884 Intensely cold again. Painted on a sunset I began last year but with not much success. Mrs. Gray called just as I was about to go to the Art Union meeting. Had to excuse myself after ten minutes and got there late. Perry reported the affairs of the Society. We are about $3000 behind but now we hope the subscriptions will begin to come in as the Journal is being rapidly circulated. I offered a resolution urging the members to send their pictures to the gallery. We feel hopeful and do not get discouraged. The Feb. No. of the Journal is about ready to be published. Obliged to hurry away to dine with Eastman Johnson. Ethel was going to dancing school and Mrs Johnson was engaged up stairs finishing Ethels dress, consequently some hurry and confusion. Finally she came down and went off alone to join Ethel who had preceded her with the maid. Eastman bewailing the demands of society and the absence of repose. I encouraged him to go out with his wife as often as he could. Miss Mullany, he and I dined together. After a while we went to his studio to see his work. He has plenty of perplexity with it as we all do. About 9 we went down to the Union League Club to see the pictures. Saw Will Lows ["]Telling the bees" the composition not unlike mine although each was painted entirely without the knowledge of the other. His is different in idea from mine. The "Chore girl" draping the hives. Seems to have been entirely painted out of doors. Very elaborate but on a high key with cold greens and a thin washed out effect. It was not an attractive picture to me. Plenty of bad French pictures some of them execrable, showing low aims. The American pictures as usual occupying secondary places. A fine picture by Whittredge. My October belonging to Mr. DeForest was there. Walked to my rooms the night bitterly cold.

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