Jervis McEntee Diaries: January 21, 1884

Monday, Jan 21, 1884 10 degrees below zero this morning. Drove down town and had my hair cut. Paid Magee for putting the cutter in order and arranged to have the wagon put in complete order. 100 Leaders which I ordered with the obituary notice of my mother, came. At home the rest of the day and came to town with the 4.40 train. Very cold. The train was a little late and leaving my satchel at the studio went directly to the Century where the Trustees meeting was already convened. We made the arrangements to sit as a court to investigate the Newton case. Lawrence the chairman of the House Committee requested to come before the discharge of Hearn the steward. His showing on the face of it was very prejudicial to Hearn and complicates this most vexing question. Mr. Oakley failed to shake his statements. It was midnight before we adjourned and not having eaten anything since dinner I got some supper after a long time. Invited Eastman to go home with me Saturday and he has accepted. Got to bed at 1.

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