Jervis McEntee Diaries

Sunday, May 15, 1881 Thunder shower in the night but the country heavenly beautiful. It is so pleasant to have Mary and Marion here. My father & mother, Mary and I took a lovely ride around Hussey Hill by St. Remi and home by the river road. John McEntee took his team and took Nannie, Marion & Sade. John had never been the river road. We all enjoyed the ride very much and the country was as sweet and beautiful as it is possible to be. I thought of dear Gertrude all the way for this was a favorite ride of ours that last summer she was with us, and we all talked of her. Indeed she is always in my mind up there but somehow I dont think hardly any one likes to talk about her to me, and this is a great privation to me, for I love to talk of her and never retire at night without reading several of her dear loving letters. John & Nannie came to tea and Jansen Anderson came up after tea. Sara had had a letter from Maurice, homesick and dissatisfied but not more so than we expected. We talked a great deal about him and of how much he was missed at home.

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