Jervis McEntee Diaries

Thursday, Jan 13, 1881 Had many errands to do and was on the go all forenoon. Sent my picture to the Union League which I have sold to them for $750. Mrs. Cross came to see me in the depths of despair again. I gave her a dollar which was all I could do for her. Had a letter from Bates saying he would like a copy of the picture he saw here, for $200 12x14 so I drew it on today ready to paint. Prepared a canvas for my Academy picture and got my picture from Mr. DeForest from which I am to paint it. This evening Julia Vaux, Miss Mendelson, a Miss Hallowell and Miss [blank] with Bowyer, Downing and Walter Mendelson came over and spent the evening at my studio. I gave them some chocolate and some water ice and they looked over my sketches and seem to have enjoyed themselves. Wrote to Mr. Bachelder whose card I found on my door yesterday when I came from home. Wrote a note to my mother.

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