Jervis McEntee Diaries: October 15, 1880

Friday, Oct 15, 1880 Have been busy about many little things. Went to the laundry and got my feather bed which I had cleansed and with my father to buy a new stove for the spare room. It has been a perfect, warm, golden day. I fixed the blind on the back upper hall window and it was so hot as to be very uncomfortable. Cleaned up my studio and dusted it. A telegram came from Weir saying he would go to N. Y. tomorrow and hoped to take me home with him. I answered that I had had no word from there and would not go down unless I heard from Butler. I had barely sent the dispatch when one came from Mr. Pratt asking me to come down when I sent another telegram to Weir saying I would meet him at the museum tomorrow at noon. Went to the evening train expecting to meet Calvert & Mary but they did not come. Sara and Mary came later by the Baldwin.

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