Jervis McEntee Diaries: December 20, 1877

Worked all day yesterday on my picture and advanced it materially. In the evening called on Mrs Taylor. Taylor was in Cleveland. From there called at Frank Weeks' but no one was at home. Received a letter from Gertrude. This morning Mary breakfasted with me. Worked on my picture, which is in the frame until noon when I decided to go to Hoboken to call on Mrs. Pychouska to see if she could not bring Mr. Dodd who wants one of my pictures, to see it as I thought it sufficiently advanced to show it. She spoke of him voluntarily and said he had asked about me and if she had seen what I had done etc. She said she would bring him over soon after Jan. 1. So I have pulled that vine. Went up to Eastmans this evening. He has painted a portrait of Mr. Butterfields son who was killed last year. He is troubled as I am about affairs and sells nothing. At the sale of Mr. Olyphants pictures last night a little picture of his brought $600. He would not ask more than $400 in his studio and yet people do not go to him. Saw in the Tribune today the notice of Louis Mellents suicide and this evening I got the Freeman with a full account. Business troubles seemed to be the cause.

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