Jervis McEntee Diaries

Went home Saturday. Mary and Marian lunched with me and I left by the 4 o'clock train. The weather was like summer. The mercury at 64 on the hill. Mrs. Swan was there. Felt very depressed at first but felt better before I came away. Returned on Monday and in the evening attended a dinner of "The Club" at G[?] Restaurant. Had a very pleasant time most of the 16 being acquaintances. Came home at 9.30 and wrote on my essay. Today I pitched into my picture and painted the sky all over and went over the whole picture improving it very much. Kruseman Van Elten was in and liked it very much. Asked if I began it out of doors. Admired the composition and the color. Gifford called. Spoke of the sky as being large which I think it is. Mr. Williams called. Likes his picture very much and dont want me to touch it if I dont feel inclined to. Liked my Autumn Idyl and said he would call a friends attention to it. I feel encouraged about my picture and shall now work on it with pleasure. The sale of Olyphants pictures commenced this evening. Avery sent me tickets for reserved seats for both evenings but I preferred to stay home and write on my essay. I also wrote to Gertrude.

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