Jervis McEntee Diaries: December 15, 1877

Memorandum of a conversation I had with my father, December 15, 1876. He told me he had his will witnessed by Judge Lawson and had made me, John McEntee and James Van Denson his Executors and empowered to sell real estate etc. Had charged each of his children with what he had let them have and had divided his property equally between them except Mannie where support he intended to an amount not to exceed five hundred dollars a year. I understood him I was to be left in possession of the house with my Mother and that the property was not to be divided until after her death. I asked no questions.

His estimate of the value of his property was as follows: Property in the hill of Homestead $100 pr. foot running from Chestnut St. to hish board fence on side hill. Concrete house under hill and lot about 60 ft. x 90 ft. $4,000. Lots under the hill $30 pr foot- a low price. My place at a low evaluation worth $15,000. 125 foot front at $100 pr foot $12,500. 125 feet past in Holmes St. below hill at $30 pr foot $3750. $16,250 Lots in Chester St. north in the most times 100 pr square foot- Lots of Jervis St. same value. Lots of Chester St. Each side opposite [unintelligible] 80 pr square foot is $400 pr lot. Lots next to John Moolfer 125 feet offered to James Van Densen for $3,500, 75 feet for $2,000. Mr. Lindley told Jms. Tomkins that he considered the property between Chestnut and Holmes Sts. worth $100,000.

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