Jervis McEntee Diaries: December 12, 1877

Went down to the city Court House yesterday with Mr. Goodman whom I met at Platts and had no difficulty in being taken off the list of jurors to my infinite relief. After I got back tried to design a picture but could get nothing to please me. Bowyer and I dined together and spent part of the evening with me and after he left I wrote a little on my essay on Michael Angelo. Today I awoke with a cold in my head and did not go out until evening. I worked away at my design for a picture 24x42 and finally arranged a composition which is more satisfactory. I have worked on it all day and shall be happy when I get it all to my mind and can work continuously on it. Took a walk towards evening and on my return met Gifford whom I have not seen since last spring. He said he had just sent me a note to Rondout to tell me he is married to Mrs. Canfield. While I had somewhat suspected something of this sort I was much surprised when he told me. He said they were married privately in June and even his own family did not know it until yesterday. I hardly knew what to say but will go and see him in his room tomorrow. Wrote to Gertrude Monday evening and received a letter from her today.

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