Jervis McEntee Diaries: December 10, 1877

Left home last Monday Dec 3. Dined with Eastman Johnson and the next morning feeling symptoms of one of my headaches resolved to go back home, which I did by the 11 o'clock train. Had a pretty bad headache but got along with it better than I hoped. The next day had threatenings of inflammation of the bowels for which Sara prescribed and for two or three days was quite ill and very glad I had come home. I remained there until today when I returned feeling entirely recovered. Mr & Mrs. Platt were on the train. They invited me to dine with them but I declined for today but dine with them on Thursday. Bowyer and I dined together. Found a legal paper from the Commissioner of Jurors calling me to appear at the Court House to answer as to my liability as a juror on or before Dec 10 which is today. After dinner I went up to Platts to see what I must do. Met Mr. Goodman there and he is going with me tomorrow morning to see about it. It was a great trial to leave home. Responsibilities press upon me and the future is full of doubt, still I hope to get to work and thus to forget my anxieties. Every thing depends upon me and my efforts and I hope I may produce good work which alone will encourage me.

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