Jervis McEntee Diaries: October 27, 1877

I made a sketch yesterday out of the parlor window of the Autumn color. It was a rainy day and the color was fine but my sketch was not satisfactory. In the afternoon I made another out of a west window. Today has been rainy. Tom and I put up the hall stove, the one in my Mothers room and the one in the spare room and I spent the afternoon putting in some glass. Maurice has gone off rather underhandedly and filled us all with anxiety and apprehension. Gertrude received a paper from Mrs. Bachelder containing a notice of her Mothers death. Mary Gifford wrote to say that she could not come to visit us at present as they have company there. She says the last they heard of Sanford he was at "No-mans-land" an island I believe somewhere near Martha's Vineyard.

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