Jervis McEntee Diaries: October 21, 1877

Went to East Davenport in Delaware Co. on Tuesday last where I spent one day looking along the Charlotte river to see if I could find work for a week or so, but failed to be interested. The Autumn Color was very gorgeous there but there was nothing in the character of the region to interest me. I had to spend my evenings in the bar room of the hotel and while the house was sufficiently comfortable the village young men who lounged about the barroom were disgustingly vulgar and obscene. If I had found the scenery of Paradise I could not have staid among such people to paint it. After staying over one night I returned to Stamford where I spent the night and took the early train for Deans Corners which looked attractive as I passed up. I had my trunk put off but on inquiring of the station agent found I could get no place to stay and so came on to Shandaken but by the time I got there I reflected that I had been there a few weeks ago and found nothing so I came home with a baffled and discouraged feeling. In the afternoon took a walk down around by Steep Rocks but felt anew that my interest in things hereabout is gone. Friday put up the hall stove and the double sashes on the windows. Saturday a North East storm set in. We all went to Jno. McEntees to tea. Today it has rained all day. Mary & Marian are still here. Received a letter from Lucy on Friday and some photographs. We put up the hall stove and started a fire on it on Saturday and also in our stove although we have had no frost yet.

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