Jervis McEntee Diaries

Thursday Sept. 27 I went to Kennebunkport in Maine to join Eastman Johnson who recommended me to come there for sketching. I went by Hudson and the Boston and Albany road. At Warren the train going at 45 miles an hour ran on a misplaced switch nicking the engine and postal car against a freight train. No one was hurt the engineer and fireman remaining at their post, but the train was delayed two hours. I went to Mr. Sawyers that night where I had a violent sick headache. Next day I went to Kennebunkport where I joined Eastman. His sisters with their children were keeping house and had been there all summer. Eastmans wife arrived next day. I got board with a Mrs. Eldridge and remained there until Wednesday Oct 10 when I left with Eastman and his wife and child. I made a number of sketches of the shore in connection with the sea and did not lose a day by bad weather. Staid at Mr. Saywers Wednesday night and came home by Hoosac tunnel Thursday having been gone just a fortnight. Friday Ma, Sara, Gertrude and I went out to High Falls on invitation from Julia Dillon and dined there to meet Mrs. Birney and her sister Miss Dewel, and drove home in the afternoon. Saturday put up our stove. Sunday confined to my bed with a severe cold and a violent headache. Mary & Marian came Saturday night and my father returned from a visit at Uncle Philips where he went on Monday. While he was there Uncle Philip who is 80 years old on his return from Utica fell off the door step and injured his hip severely so that he was helpless when he left. We hope to hear in a few days that it is not so serious as it seemed at first. A Mr. Kendall canvassing for the Clinton Liberal Institute came here last night and Mrs. Foster is expected here today. Bowyer also came Saturday night but left Sunday night. I am going out to Davenport tomorrow to see if I can find a couple of weeks sketching in that region. We have had copious rains, the weather is perfect and the country is so much more interesting than when I went away. Wrote to Edwd. C. Riddle the price of the picture he drew at the Homeopathic fair, to Mrs. Butterfield about getting Eastman Johnson to paint the portrait of her son and to Morris and Schwab to return my picture by Nov 1. or at latest Nov. 10. and that Eastman Johnson wants his sent with it.

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