Jervis McEntee Diaries

The hot weather has ended and today it is cool and autumnal. We had a little rain Monday night but not enough to do any good. We cleaned out the bath room cistern on Monday and so are ready for rain. I thought yesterday morning to do many things which needed attention about the place but an unfortunate occurrence at the breakfast table spoiled the beautiful day and made me wretched. I was somewhat at fault but I had great provocation and I cannot try to forget it. I feel injured and savage which is wrong, but I cant resist it. John McEntee asked me to go fishing out to Glen Erie which I did glad to go any where. My father for whom I try to have respect continually destroys my respect for him by his obstinacy and lack of charity and consideration for me and others. I own I ought not to harbor resentment but nonetheless I feel savage and morose. I would have gone to the mountains today but there are symptoms of a storm and I think I will wait as the Equinostial may reasonably be expected soon.

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