Jervis McEntee Diaries

Still very hot, although we had a slight shower in the night and today there is a breeze and fine skies which I have been attempting to paint but with poor success. Wrote to Booth yesterday and today to Bowyer and to Whittredge. I told Whittredge I intended to go to Laments as soon as the weather got cooler or we had rain. The Katy-did is said to be the herald of frost which comes six weeks after be begins his piping. I heard him for the first on Aug. 1 and there are no signs of frost yet. I am very very worried about my sketching this fall. I have very little money and anxieties weigh upon me it seems to me more than ever. I know if I get away from home I will be very lonely but I hope to get away from some of the worries and anxieties which beset me here. Just as soon as the weather gets a little cooler I will go out to Laments and try to content myself there for a few weeks. Wrote to Lucy.

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