Jervis McEntee Diaries: September 12, 1877

On Monday John McEntee and I went up to North Bennington by the 11 o'clock train. We walked about there during the afternoon and staid there all night at a poor hotel. Tuesday morning we walked over to Bennington about five miles where we dined and returned home at 1 o'clock arriving here at 7. The country is very pleasant about there but the stream the (Hoosac I think) is finest after the Walloomsac enters it, say in the region from Eagle Bridge to Hoosac Junction. The stream looked very pretty from the cars and there were gravelly shores and apparently fine groups of trees. Still I think I will not go there alone. If I had a companion I would like to but I know I would be consumed with loneliness. Wrote today to Bernard & Freid that the bill sent by Wynkoops estate does not belong to me. It is evidently some other persons account.

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