Jervis McEntee Diaries: September 5, 1877

Yesterday took a trip out on the Rhinebeck & Conn. R.R. as far as the state line with a view of getting an idea of the country for sketching. I was rather pleased with the vicinity of Copake but saw nothing very striking. The mountains near there were simple in form and I dare say if one were located there some thing could be found to sketch. Maurice met on the ferry boat on my return to tell me Mr. Crounse wanted to see me. He wanted me to go up to the Rangeley Lakes with him today, for a month and wanted to give me a commission for a view there for a price sufficient to pay all expenses. As I am in negotiation with Whittredge who is in Newport I declined and besides I had refused to go with Church and felt quite sure that I would find nothing up there which I would care to paint. I dont like to go off with strangers. The Gentlemen of the party are quiet men who do not drink whiskey and as they are wealthy he thought I would get several commissions but I had a dozen reasons why I could not go and as his invitation was so cordial and polite I told him I would reflect upon it, while at the same time I had no idea I could go, and I sent him a note this morning politely declining. Today I received a letter from Whittredge no more encouraging than the last. He dont seem to find much to sketch, it is expensive and I have about given up going there. Now I am all adrift again and I presume it will end by going out among the mountains somewhere alone which I do not look forward to with any pleasure. Have had a head ache which began yesterday but feel better this afternoon. Have kept a hot soap stone to my feet all day.

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