Jervis McEntee Diaries: August 20, 1877

Downing, King, Putnam and I took the Wallkill Valley train at 7 o'clock and went down to New Paltz. From there we walked up to Lake Mohonk, a part of the way across the hills arriving there about 10. I had not been there since 1861 I think when Gifford, Whittredge, John White and I staid there over night on our walking trips from Bracketts. Now there is a large hotel there and walks in all directions and people every where in what used to be one of the wildest places I ever knew. We had dinner and remained there until nearly four oclock when we walked down the other side of the mountain to Rosendale and took the train for home where we arrived a little after 8 having spent a very pleasant day.

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