Jervis McEntee Diaries: August 12, 1877

A Mr. Gobright is here, a reformed drunkard engaged in a Temperance Mission. Yesterday Sara and Gertrude went down town and got him to come up here to have a talk with Maurice who seems very anxious to try to reform. The result has been that he attended the Temperance Meeting at the church today with my father and mother and Sara and Gertrude and signed the pledge. While the mere signing the pledge is no guaranty of reform I think it in his case a most important movement as in this way he publicly announces his intention to reform. I have encouraged him to openly and actively connect himself with the movement as the very noblest and bravest thing he can do. I wrote to Whittredge today that I expect to go to North Bennington in a few days to look about and to ask him if he would not like to come there if I find the region interesting.

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