Jervis McEntee Diaries: August 9, 1877

Maurice has been in a dreadful state for a long time and has been at home now [?] a week. He was able to be about the day of the Golden Wedding but since then has given us great anxiety. His mind is disordered. I sat up with him Tuesday evening. He could not sleep. Yesterday he got to sleep and he slept last night. I had a talk with him last night. He seems aware of his condition but I have little hope of his being able to help himself. I went and [?] Sam Coy Kendall all about him and met Crounse there. Both were very kind but Crounse said he had been practically of no use for two months. This is very depressing to me but I try to struggle against it. I ought to be quietly at work somewhere. Mary, Julia and Downing left Wednesday morning and we all dreaded to have them go, it seems so dull here. Calvert, Bowyer & Downing left Monday morning. Church has written to me to go with him up into the Maine woods [?] Sept. 4th. He wants Gifford to go too but I have [?] ideal he will. I cant go and wrote him so yesterday. I dont want to say much. I want to go somewhere by and bye to settle down to work and have no desire to go on a mere excursion simply for enjoyment. Church spoke to me of this early in the summer and seems to really want me to go but I dont [?] him I can. Have had a nice letter from Taylor. [?] he got home, and a note yesterday . I wrote him [?] know if he had any objection to my letting Maurice have [?] "musical bill of fare" for the Freeman. He [?] me [?] use it as I suggested, without names. He proposes it [?] follows:

Soup: Violincelli.
Fish: Striped Basson baked cast-o'netz sauce
Entrees: Trombones of Beef, Haut-boiled Mutton, Stewed Chickerings-Steinway Sauce, Fiddlet of Veal, Kettle Drumsticks
Vegetables: Green Cornet; Tubas, mashed; Cymblins; Violin String beans
Dessert: Flagi-an-lait, Cabinet Organ pudding, Mandoline Tarts, Dulcimers
Wines: Sack-brut, French Horns

Cleaned the well yesterday the water of which had become offensive. Found two dead toads to our great disgust.

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