Jervis McEntee Diaries: June 12, 1877

Worked on the little picture for S[?] and completed it. Dined with Fred Norton at Delmonicos and spent the evening at Eastman Johnsons. I wrote to Mr. Hoe on Monday that I would exchange my "Autumn Idyl" for his "Kaatskill brook" and $650. He spoke to me one evening about exchanging and I thought afterward that he might have considered that I did not treat his proposition with sufficient consideration. I apologised for my apparent but not intentional abruptness and assured him that I only made the proposal because I thought he wanted the picture and that he would like to exchange. I received a polite note from him thanking me for my consideration but intimating that he could not afford to buy any more pictures now. I always feel a certain sense of having compromised myself whenever I do a thing of this kind and still there is really nothing improper in this proposition as I was quite indifferent as to whether he accepted or not. I met Julian Scott Tuesday in Broadway and he said a friend of his wanted a little picture of mine. He made an appointment to come to my studio Wednesday at noon with him. I went up to the Art Museum with Calvert, to see the new galleries on the Park and when I returned Scott was here and waited for his friend but he did not come. He thought he would come today but he has not. I went up home and I spent the night with Calvert and returned today. I regret that I see so little of Mary and her children. Bowyer came up and spent the night but had to return very early this morning. They are no longer children and I seem to have lost something precious out of my life when I think of it.

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