Jervis McEntee Diaries: June 11, 1877

Came down from Rondout today. Gertrude went to Boston to attend Alice's wedding last Monday 4th. On Tuesday Major Wilkinson and I went to the Willowemock and the Beaver Kill on a fishing expedition returning Saturday. We had a very pleasant time and found the country charming. We did not catch many trout but there are plenty there. The streams were low and yet we saw some fine trout caught while we were there. The good streams are being taken up by clubs now and soon there will be no fishing except for those belonging to them. I found a letter here from Gertrude and one from Booth. It is very triste here but I find it lonely at home too. Edwin White died a few days ago in Saratoga. I knew he was in poor health but had no idea he was so near his end. The last time I saw him he seemed crushed and broken and I learn that the severe criticism on his pictures in the Academy last year had a very serious effect upon him. George Worth died on Saturday from the effects of a wound in his face at the battle of Chantilly. He was suffered greatly and it is a relief to think he is at rest. Dined at Phelps with Hall and in the evening went round to Taylors.

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