Jervis McEntee Diaries: May 8, 1877

We went up to Alpine on Saturday and spent Sunday with Calvert & Mary. Dr Emerson was there and on Sunday we had a walk up the Boulevard. Bowyer came across from New Rochelle on foot with Will Radford and a young friend by the name of Mendelson and in the afternoon Downing came home. We returned on Monday. Attended the Council Monday evening but no business of importance was transacted. I feel a sense of relief that my term of service on the Council is so near its close. A meeting of Irvings friends was held in Beards room this evening. Belmont showed and two or three others were there in addition to those who came before. Mr. Belmont very kindly offered to open his gallery for the benefit of the family and it was decided to get several of Irvings pictures to exhibit there. He also offered to subscribe $500 in money. A committee was appointed to carry out the plans. Col. Hawkins showed a letter he had just received from Sylva in which he said he had found Blondell the artist dead in his room. Hawkins said he would not be surprised if he had starved to death.

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