Jervis McEntee Diaries: May 5, 1877

Went home last Saturday and returned on Tuesday with Gertrude. There was a meeting of our Artists Aid Society at Beards room to give some of Irvings personal friends to cooperate with us. Few of them came however. Col Hawkins and a Mr. Taylor and they with Avery agreed to act as a committee independently of our society to raise funds as they could decide. Wednesday evening we dined at Taylors to meet Boker our Minister to Russia who is at home on a visit. It was very informal and very pleasant. Thursday at the Century to attend a Trustees meeting and last night at the Art Museum Reception to see the Asnola collection from Kursum. Today we are going up to spend Sunday with Vaux. Mr. Hoe has invited me to go up to his place at Tarrytown on Tuesday. I have worked this week on the back grounds of the Booth pictures but my invention is all gone and I work with difficulty.

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