Jervis McEntee Diaries: April 25, 1877

Went home Saturday evening with 7.15 train. A splendid morning but soon became cold and cloudy. Saw fine cloud effects on the way up. Meant to have gone to Glen Erie fishing with Col. John but he was unexpectedly called away and besides the weather was too cold and showery. Sunday night went down to Pokeepsie with the Baldwin. Major Wilkinson met me on the dock and we walked up. Mary and Alice were there, Alice grown a fine young woman and soon to be married. In the Sunday World saw the death of Irving which greatly shocked me as he was well a day or two before I left. Found since I returned that he died on Saturday leaving a wife and eight children the eldest 17 and an aged father. He belonged to our Mutual Aid society. Monday Major & I went trout fishing on Cold Spring brook out towards Pine Plains on the rail road. It was a windy day and we caught nothing. It was a lovely brook winding along through meadows and it was a joy to walk along it. Went home same evening and returned to N.Y. Tuesday by 11.55 train. Coale called and invited Gifford, Hubbard & me to dine with him at the St. Nicholas which we did after which Coale and I went to Hillers performance which was most wonderful and interesting. After the performance went to the club for a while.

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