Jervis McEntee Diaries

Sara came on Monday and we are going home with her tomorrow. Miss Noxon dined with us last evening. Mary was here and went home today. Wrote a note yesterday to Frank Waller who had invited me to a Reception of the Art Students League in which I told him frankly that I would oppose the return of any member of the League to the schools of the Academy who signed the circular of July 1875. This has been a week of high winds and clouds of dust. Mrs. Taylor, Sade and Mary lunched with us today. Received a note today from Joe Tubby asking me to loan him some money but not specifying any amount. I answered him telling him it was impossible and expressing as well as I could my sympathy with him. The truth is I fear that he is inefficient and hopelessly involved in debt. I begin to see how if I were rich I should have opportunities of getting rid of some money, but I would be glad to give a lift where I could.

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