Jervis McEntee Diaries: April 9, 1877

Saturday dined at Mrs. Stebbins with Eastman & wife, Rouse and Madame Rudusdorf. We had an elegant dinner and the occasion was Mr. S' 50th birth day. Eastman and I had to leave immediately after dinner to meet Dr. Bellows and some of the Artists at the club in order to do something for the relief of Miller who is in the hospital and almost helpless. A number of artists were present and it was decided to raise $300 a year for 3 years in subscriptions of $10 a year. Monthly meeting at the Century. The Grand Dukes were expected but did not come as this was the last day of Lent in their church I believe. My picture looked well. Sunday morning I was very ill with indigestion and could eat no breakfast and very little dinner. Felt better in the evening however and went out to Taylors and spent the evening. Calvert went with us. Today has been the most disagreeable day I ever experienced in New York. A strong wind and clouds of dust. Went up to Eastmans. Meant to walk but the dust was so thick was glad to ride. He was out but came to see me this afternoon.

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