Jervis McEntee Diaries: April 2, 1877

At the Academy early this being buying day and the Council expected to be there to assist in the sale of pictures. Rained and a most disagreeable day so that only a few people came. My picture "Where late the wild flower bloomed" was bought among the first by Mr. Isaac Williams for $1400. Much canvassing the work of the hanging committee by the artists and a general and growing indignation. Mr. Huntington said the Council ought to go in and take the responsibility and rehang in many instances but I reminded him that would be revolutionary as it was unconstitutional. Sontag came in. He is an Academician and a member of the Council and sent only one picture which was hung over a door. His eyes filled with tears as he saw it but we all sympathised with him and made him feel better. Now comes a hot demand for a meeting to change the constitution by the very men who instituted this idiotic law. I will stop short of nothing but a return to the old way of putting all power in the hands of the Council. Rained all day. At 4 I had to go down to Baugs's to attend the sale of the Vanderlyn Engravings. They sold much better than I expected. I bought a number. Got home and found Beard and Hubbard in my room battling with Gertrude about the hanging of the pictures. Beard has his hands full now to defend Le Clear who with Miller takes the burden of the odium of the hanging. Tonight the Reception to which we did not go. Too tired and besides have lost interest in the Academy Receptions.

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