Jervis McEntee Diaries

To see Eastman Tuesday. He gave me such a funny account of a long, lank, lopsided, lantern jawed, long haired, low spirited, chap who used to copy his studies years ago and who called on him a short time since glorified and rejuvenated by prosperity. Made an arrangement with him to go to Long Branch on Wednesday to see the wrecks, dependent on the weather. Miss Leggitt called and I gave her the two drawings I made for Bryants poem "The Song Sparrow". She is to give me a proof and to take the most available one. It had rained all day and seems like April with the buds swelling in the Parks and the grass green. Wednesday snowing and a gale from N.W. Gifford and Vaux in favor of going down to the wrecks as I was. Eastman did not turn up. Left here by N.J. Central R.R. at 11.15 and reached Long Branch comfortably at 12.40. Walked along the beach down to the wreck of the "Rusland" about a mile below the station. Snowed all the while and wind from N.W. knocking down the waves. The ship an iron one of good size his broadside on nearly fast to an old wreck. Ship apparently not much damaged, not enough so to be picturesque. Had no time to go and see the "Amerique" ashore at Seabright. Snowed furiously when we left at 4.15. Got home about 6.30 and had dinner together in my room. This morning Frank Weeks sent me a check for $500 for the picture Mr. Holt bought to have sent to Mr. H. G. DeForest for acting as executor for his fathers estate and for which he would accept no pay. Sent Eastman my study of a "Kaatskill brook" in exchange for his portrait of my Father. Walked down town to attend to some business. When I returned found Jane Barker here on her way to Clinton to attend to her property which is advertised for sale Saturday. Had intended to go by 3 oclock train but waited to see us. Paid her the $20 I subscribed and cashed Marys $5 check and Gussies order for $25 for her. Mary came in and shortly after Girard. They were all here to dinner and after dinner went with Jane to the 42nd St. Depot and put her in the train for Utica where she will arrive tomorrow morning. What miserable shifts she has to resort to and in the end I see nothing but failure.

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