Jervis McEntee Diaries: March 24, 1877

The weather is warm and springlike. Walked again in the Bowery. I like to look in at the pawn brokers windows and to see the queer types of people one meets there. Today an old woman walked ahead of me who had made a hood of gentlemans hat linings. The gilt stamp was in the centre of the crown and the old woman was talking to herself. Miss Leggitt who called on me some time ago to illustrate a poem, which I declined, came again yesterday, thinking as she said, that as she had decided to have the designs photographed instead of cut on wood I might be induced to make a drawing. She showed me a drawing of Fredericks and a cut from it which was an almost exact reproduction. Mr. Bryant has written her a beautiful poem "The Song Sparrow" one of his very best. I promised to make her a drawing and did one yesterday and another today so that she can take her choice. She is a bright, energetic young woman of a good family I conclude, who has set out to take care of herself and has a book store in Broadway.

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