Jervis McEntee Diaries: March 4, 1877

Attended Josephs funeral from the Century today. Many of the members were present to testify their respect for a most faithful and conscientious servant. After the Episcopal service by Dr. Schenck the remains were taken charge of by the Masons who buried him. We went to Stoddards to supper and had a very pleasant time although I always meet some one there I dont want to see. Weir and Eastman Johnson were there and I had a good time with Mrs. Stoddard but it didnt add to my pleasure to be seated by the side of Albert Crane and to see Smith at the head of the table. Mrs. S couldnt help pitching into Taylors lectures in German Literature even though at this moment he is taking every pains to get Stoddard appointed City Librarian. However I know she did not mean half she said which was really dictated by a little jealousy. I heard Taylors lecture on the Minnesingers on Friday and enjoyed it greatly.

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