Jervis McEntee Diaries: February 26, 1877

Friday evening I attended Mrs. Ripleys weekly reception Gertrude not being well enough to go. I know nearly all the people there and consequently had a pleasant evening. Mrs. Youmans called in the afternoon at my studio with Mrs. Chas. Dudley Warner and she and her husband came to the Ripleys. I was introduced to a very interesting girl a Miss Stebbins daughter of a Cornell professor. Taylor read Stedmans Creole love song and a Mr. Brown sang it to the accompaniment played by Dudley Breck the composer. Saturday evening went to the Club after having been in the house all day on account of a severe storm. Col. Rush Hawkins called on me to talk about sending a collection of American pictures to London next year to be looked after and brought before the public by him. He had been to see Whittredge and was going to see Gifford. He proposed to select about 30 names and try to get two or three pictures from each. He seemed to have the proper ideas about making it select and I think he would be a good man to help it along. I told him it was a pet idea of mine and I would cooperate provided a good collection was got together, but that I would not contribute to a miscellaneous collection. I walked up to see Eastman Johnson on Sunday and Whittredge came in. We talked about Hawkins project and have agreed to have an informal meeting soon to take steps towards carrying out the idea. Johnson and I took a long walk in the Park and I did not get home until four o'clock. In the evening we went to Bayard Taylors and had a jolly good time. Mrs. Stedman was there and also a young German Artist from Weimar who is here to paint some portrait. We sat down to a little supper and had a good social easy time. Haven Putnam and his wife were there also. Just as we got through supper Mr & Mrs. Dudley Warner & Mrs Youmans came in and spent an hour or more.

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