Jervis McEntee Diaries: February 11, 1877

Mr. Hoe called yesterday and invited us to meet Mr & Mrs. Castellani the owner of the Castellani collection now at the Art museum, at tea. We did not go to tea as it occurred at our dinner hour, but we went around after tea and they came shortly after. As I had a committee meeting at the Century at 9 I was obliged to leave. They begged me to leave Gertrude there and Mr. Hoe brought her home in his carriage. Young Robt. Hoe and Castellani afterwards came around to the Century. This morning I walked down to the Battery and then took the Elevated Railway to 59th St, walked down & called on Eastman and then got in a 6th Av. Car to come home. It is a magnificent springlike day, a succession of which we have had for a long time. At 20th St. Robt. Hoe Jr. got in and asked me to go with him to the Art Museum. Castellani was there and I had a glimpse of his collection after which Hoe took me up to see the new Asnola Collection of gold, silver & bronze which they are unpacking. It is a most rich and interesting collection. The gold ornaments are beautiful and I was very glad to have this glimpse of it particularly as it is not to be open to the public for a long time. Wrote to Girard.

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