Jervis McEntee Diaries: February 8, 1877

Pinchot called yesterday and invited us to dinner on Friday. Gifford is to be there and a Professor somebody. Eastman came and spent the evening. He told me he had sold his "Milton" and his "Hollyhocks" to a lady. I was talking of my ill success this winter and my discouragement and he could only recommend me to reduce my expenses and live at some boarding house which I did not enjoy from him. One had better not grumble even to ones most intimate friends particularly after he has just sold two pictures. Your friend is more sympathetic before he has sold his pictures. I was irritable and disagreeable at breakfast yesterday and Calvert who often breakfasts with us did not come this morning. A man loses when he humiliates himself by being irritable. I felt the same this morning. Out of sorts with myself and half discouraged. Sam Coy Kendall called this afternoon and bought my little "Winter" for $300. Mr. Culter a dealer from New Haven came to see if I had a good sized picture which a lady wanted but I had none cheap enough. A few days ago I sent a little picture "Drifting Ice" which I painted last winter as a present to Mrs. Bayard Taylor. I have never given them any thing and she had expressed a particular liking for this picture and said she would like to buy it. She seemed entirely surprised and very delighted.

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