Jervis McEntee Diaries: February 2, 1877

Attended a meeting of the Trustees at the Century last night. Taylor and Eastman Johnson are on this year. Eastman with characteristic blundering got into the Committee on Admissions and did not discover his mistake until told. He and Taylor and I staid at the Club talking until 12 oclock. This morning I went to see Baugs and Merwin about selling the Vanderlyn engravings as the Leavitts have disregarded my note and also a request I made personally that they should send some one to look at them. Baugs & Merwin promise to send a man in a day or two. Walked down to see the Brooklyn Bridge. It is a vast and wonderful structure. They have the foot walk nearly across. The ice and mud in the down town streets are a sight to behold. It has rained today and has been warm for several days.

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