Jervis McEntee Diaries: January 25, 1877

We dined at the Platts on Sunday in company with Gifford and went from there to tea at Bayard Taylors and to spend the evening. Colman & his wife came in and Genl. Palmer and his wife. Genl Palmer carried off my hat when he went. Tuesday & Wednesday Booth stood for me as Othello and I think I am going to make his best figure of all of this. We were invited to the opening of the Water Color Society Monday evening but did not go. I have a great aversion to receptions & crowded places unless to go to some place like the theatre and even that does not attract me. But I feel so much more happy and contented now that my wife is here. I have none of the melancholy and despondency that I had a few weeks ago and am interested in my work. I show my Booth pictures now to almost every one who wants to see them. A Miss Renham of Boston came today with a letter from Anthony and I showed them to her. Booth came with Mr. McVeckar and he seemed to like the pictures very much and recognized Booth in all of them. We dined at the Wheelers with the Platts. Gifford was invited but did not come. We went to the theatre last night to see Booth in Richard III.

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