Jervis McEntee Diaries: January 21, 1877

This is the first Sunday I have spent in N.Y. this winter. Booth stood for me on Thursday in Richelieu which I have about completed. On Friday he stood as "Bertuccio" in the "Fools Revenge" in a most difficult attitude. I feared I never could get it but in one painting I have succeeded in getting one of the best of the series. He has to dress and make himself up and the wigs and dresses some of them are extremely uncomfortable. He talked of Fechter on Wednesday and gave him great praise as an actor though not as a Shakespearean actor. He said that in "Monte Christo" he was very fine. I asked him what had become of him. He said he had taken up with some woman with whom he was traveling about, that he was dissipated and as I inferred leading a dissolute meandering life. Booth has very little respect for most of the actors. Gertrude went to see him in Richelieu at the matinee yesterday and last evening we went to see him in the "Stranger" and as Petruchio, characters in marked contrast.

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